Together we can.


B.A.R.E. TRUTH is an  organization that provides mentorship, independent living assistance and  wellness services to impoverished individuals and families, helping  them attain healthy, purpose-driven lives, ultimately changing the  economic and living conditions of communities.

Our Programs

Transitional Housing

Transitional housing caters to those recovering from  economic hardship often graduate from a shelter to lesser crowded living  situation. We provide professional support,  educational materials, and a stable living environment. We take donations form local businesses and use them to fight hunger and housing. Help us connect with donors and with people in need. 

Monthly Volunteer Service

Every Sunday, we mobilize our teams of volunteers to make a real difference. Join us and see what can be accomplished when you get an impassioned team to focus on change.



Our community is full of people who want to help. We work to help the people providing services with the people who need them. Come connect with people in new ways.